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All good wishes
for the Christmas Season
and the New Year 2008


With the very best wishes to all my friends - Cees Sleven



Winter comes

The wind is blowing cold out of the north,
Steel gray skies with rain on the way,
Geese are noisily heading south
Signaling the end of summer,
With its warm days and soft breezes.

The rain begins to fall now, turning to sleet
As the last of the geese take flight.
Their long journey has begun.
The deer have gone to their winter place,
Only to return when spring again comes.

The pond is almost frozen over now;
Only a lone hawk is seen now and again.
The bare trees sigh as the snow begins to fall.
It's a time to think, to hope, to remember;
To curl up by the fire and dream.

Soon the geese will return on tired wings;
The deer will make their trek home, heavy with fawn.
The ice and snow will melt and life will renew
With flowers and fresh new buds
It will be spring once again, a fresh beginning.

Toni Britton
Image: Jesse Barnes

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